Security Devices and Peripherals

“All Wireless and Digital Systems”


Siren: Alarm Sirens work to scare away intruders and help notify neighbors and police of a possible break-in.

Digital Keypad: Digital Keypads verify that all zones are clear and operational; one push will send a panic, EMS, police or fire signal.

Motion Detector: Extra protection for your home or business that also allows pets to stay inside without setting off the alarm system.

Cellular back-up: The cellular back-up keeps protecting your home in the event of a power failure or if your phone lines are cut; you will not be left unprotected.

Intercom System: Intercom Systems give you access to communicate from room to room, answer the front door, monitor a child’s room or listen to music.

Yard Decal: Yard signs are helpful in letting intruders know that your home or business is fully protected by Miami Security Systems.

Security Camera: When you are out of your home or business, traveling, on vacation or even at home, security cameras give you the resources to watch live or playback video of your surveillance.

iPhone: Security systems can be programmed onto your iPhone for easy viewing access of your home or business.

Touch Screen Keypads: The newest in technology, Touch Screen LCD keypads allow you to arm, disarm, control lights and thermostats more conveniently.