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Custom Home Theater Installations

Take your home theater to the upper echelon of home entertainment.

We provide and install:

  • All classes, sizes, and style of televisions including all the latest Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, etc. Models.
  • utilize the highest quality surround sound Dolby Digital Audio as well as all High Definition visuals using 1080p including 3D technology
  • All Devices and peripherals can be concealed at your discretion leaving a clean and “high tech” appearance                                       (ask about utilizing covert Ir emitters and receivers)
  • World’s First $K Projector unit hand made which provides 4 times the resolution and clarity of a standard HDTV. Utilizes 3 imaging chips with 4k resoluion
  • Seating solutions in any configuration with the idea of “ultimate comfort” in mind

Surround Sound Audio

Want your speakers mounted flush with your ceiling? We can do it! with the most precision and accuracy available your surround sound speaker system can be covertly installed with the ceiling to avoid any bulky speakers taking away from the aesthetics of the room.